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Expert Dog Behavioral Trainer in Dallas-Fort Worth

Brian Cunningham, the Dallas-Fort Worth dog training facility owner, is the area’s foremost expert in dog training. He has worked with dogs of all breeds and ages for three decades.
As a behavioral expert, he specializes in puppy behavioral training. We can handle any issue you have regarding your dog’s behavior, no matter how small or big it seems.
Over the last 30 years, Brain has trained thousands of dogs, as well as their owners. You don’t have to worry about having to bring your dog because Brian Trains in the comfort of your home. We come to you.

As A Behavior Expert, Brain Can Help Your Dog With

o Aggression
o Biting Humans/Animals
o Fear
o Nervousness
o Territory
o Chewing
o Digging
o Barking
o Escaping
As a dog owner, Brian’s behavioral training will assist you in dealing with issues of any magnitude. 

The dog expert Brian who is highly experienced in training even police dogs knows how critical it is to catch bad behavior early on before it gets out of hand. Bring your dog to us at the earliest signs of anxiety or aggression.

Why Do You Need Behavior Training?

To Teach Your Dog Socialization Skills

A dog’s behavior is highly influenced by the environment you expose them to. If they show aggression, there are deeper issues like fear and nervousness, which could be putting people around you at risk.
Barking and claiming territory is a big sign that you need to call us.

For Your Dog’s Safety

Obedience in dogs protects them as well as the people around them. When your dog does not obey your command, they will run into danger, and you can’t stop them. Chewing can be harmful to them, and without obedience, you can’t keep them safe.
An escaping dog can be worrying because you do not know where they could go and what might happen to them. Brian can train your dog how to be obedient, guaranteeing their safety and that of the people in your household.

Restore Your Dog’s Happiness

When dogs suffer from anxiety and live in fear, they become stressed and unhappy, digging around and not playing. You might not know what triggers the stress in your dog, but Brian will.

Brian will help them enjoy playing and spending time with you.

Behavior Modification Training: Boarding Option

If your dog is on the extreme side of aggression where you notice that they are biting humans/animals, this program is for you.

While Brian can work from the comfort of your home, this program works well when we take the dog from their usual environment for 2-4 weeks. and begin training them in a neutral environment where they become calmer, happier, and obedient.

After the onboard training, we also have a session to enlighten you on what to do once you have your dog back home.