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Most people are absolutely crazy about their little furry companions, but not every moment with them is enjoyable if you have not had them well trained, especially on obedience.

Dog obedience training Fort Worth with Brian Cunningham is the best dog obedience training near me in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

He uses many different techniques to help your dog obey and ensure that he doesn’t do what he is not supposed to do.

He offers private lessons that will benefit your dogs, and he also ensures that he deals with specific behavioral problems. His decades of experience on “read” dogs have helped many customers communicate effectively with their dogs.

How does He do it?

As the top dog obedience training, Brain makes use of two main ways of training a dog, which includes the following;

The Aversive-based method

This is where he uses negative reinforcement and positive punishment methods to train your dog on obedience.
In this case, techniques such as using loud and unpleasant noises, harsh scoldings, and physical corrections are used to teach your dog how to act.

The Reward-based method

This makes use of rewards only when teaching the dog obedience. In this case, he uses techniques such as rubbing the dog’s belly and other dog-pleasing actions to reinforce good behavior in the dog.

Understanding your Dog

Brian will try as much as possible to understand your dog; his top dog obedience training techniques are perfect for any dog, and as your dog learns and grows, he will be easy to understand, and in most cases, he may even comprehend what you say to him.

To get your dog to obedience, you should focus on training that uses these obedience techniques and other specific behaviors that will help make your dog better. Both the reward-based and aversive techniques are proven to work.

However, suppose you wish to train your dog to become a loving pet. In that case, reward-based training is the best, as it ensures that the dog does not develop any fear towards you in terms of responses and reinforces a loving relationship with you.

Why Choose the K9 Connection TX?

Because the owner Brian Cunningham is the best dog obedience training near me. He has been doing this over the last 30 years, and he trains all sorts of dogs of all ages. He is also a behavioral expert who specializes in puppy training as well.

Brian has trained thousands of dogs so far, and the happy owners have given excellent reviews of his work. There is simply no big problem with Brian. He trains all dogs and makes it convenient for you to have your pup at home.