Why do dogs fight?

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Why Do Dogs Fight? And How Can You Stop Them?

As a dog mom or dad, one of the questions you ask yourself is, “why do dogs fight?” “Is it something I do? Or Is it because of their feelings or reactions to the surroundings?” While dogs are known to be cute and friendly, some dogs express love to establish dominance.

While you may not be an expert at it, you can find a dog expert who will help you analyze the various causes of your dog’s aggression.

Why Are My Dogs Fighting All Of A Sudden?

Low Socialization

It can be confusing when your once calm, cute, obedient dogs turn into aggressive fighters. You are left wondering, “why are my dogs fighting all of a sudden?” As dog experts, we find that your changed routine can greatly affect the dog’s temperament.
Dogs need some air, exercise, and social life, just like you do. You, therefore, have to set aside time to walk your dogs and have them interact with other dogs.

When dogs do not have the right amount of socialization and exercise, they get overly frustrated, making them aggressive. Dog experts help you figure out how to achieve the right amount of socialization for each dog, which allows them to keep calm and obedient.


Dogs are emotional, and they get attached to people and items. If you are wondering, “why does my dog keep attacking other dogs?” Well, it happens, especially when the other dog is fairly new. They will fight for space, items, and toys, and it’s natural.
You may not realize that your dog has a favorite toy until another dog shows up that starts loving the same toy. Your relaxed and calm dog starts to show aggression when the other dog touches the toy. They are probably resource guarding; behavior experts know and can teach you how to deal with it.


When you bring in a new dog, you will start to see changes in your older dog’s behavior, leaving you wondering, “why do my dogs keep fighting?” The answer is simple; they are looking to establish dominance. They want to feel superior and, therefore, fight the new dog.

Sometimes it is not just when there is a new dog, but rather even in the park. Your dog simply wants to feel dominant.

How K9 Connection Can You Deal With A Fighting Dog

The question, “why do dogs fight?” has many answers since lots of factors contribute to aggression, mainly the environment. Here is how we help:

Behavior Training

While dogfighting is a way of expressing frustration, you know there is a problem when your dog will not stop fighting even after telling them to stop. If you are in Fort Worth, call us and let us train your dog on obedience.

We teach them how to express themselves healthily and within your control!

Establishing Stress Triggers

While looking at the answer to, “why do dogs fight?” Stress is high up on that list. As puppy and dog experts, we help analyze the stress triggers that cause aggression in your dogs, helping you reduce them healthily to reduce frustration and, consequently, aggression.

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‘Why do dogs fight?” K9 Connection has the answers! If your dog shows aggression signs, call us to correct behavior to reduce aggression in the best way possible.