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We all love our dogs; they are our best friends, but unfortunately, our precious dogs do not speak our language. When you get a new furry friend, training him to housebreak him can be a tad overwhelming, especially for a new owner.

If your dog has lots of energy, is super reactive, and gets easily distracted, your life is probably complicated and frustrating. You need excellent impulse control games to help retain your dog’s brain and help him calm down, focus, and listen to you.

K9 Connection is the premier dog training company in Texas, Fort Worth. Our founder Brian Cunningham is Ft. Worth’s top dog trainer. He specializes in puppy training in Fort Worth and has over 30 years of experience in this field. When it comes to dog training, he is revered.

Brian has trained thousands of dogs and their happy owners over the last three decades, including many local celebrities. There is no problem too big or too small for Brian. He does all his training in the convenience of your home.


What To Expect

dog trainer

Custom training for your special pet

Their personality, breed, and the household they are raised in all play a role in how they respond to you.

Our unique approach

Our unique approach

We equip you with the training you need to create and maintain a desirable life-long relationship with your furry companion.

Real results are simple.

Real results are simple.

Each training is in-home, one-one, and private, which includes teaching basic home manners and commands like sit, stay down,

What do We have on Offer?

As the best dog trainers in Fort Worth, K9 Connection will equip you with the training you need to create and maintain a desirable life-long relationship with your furry companion. We offer the following services:

Behavior Correction

The environment highly influences a dog’s behavior you expose to them. If they show aggression, there are deeper issues like fear and nervousness, which could put people around them at risk. Our Dog trainer in Fort Worth will help with behavior correction.

Barking and claiming territory is a big sign that you need to call us. Obedience in dogs protects them as well as the people around them. You can’t keep your dog safe without compliance if your dog does not obey your command. 

As the best dog trainer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brain can help your dog with the following:

  • Aggression
  • Biting Humans/Animals
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
  • Territory
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Escaping 

As a dog owner, Brian’s behavioral training for puppies will assist you in dealing with issues of any magnitude. His experience includes training police dogs, which means he knows how critical it is to catch bad behavior early on before it gets out of hand. Bring your dog to us at the earliest signs of anxiety or aggression. 

Dog Obedience Training

As a dog lover, you want your pet to be obedient. Your dog might love you, but he will not always listen to what you say. Brian is the top-rated dog trainer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

We teach your dog obedience through our programs. Our trainer specializes in training different dog breeds to remain on their best behavior.


Our Dog Training Tips

Our dog training tips will help you continue training your dog at home.  Our dog training in Fort Worth is very carefully done to help with a dominant or stubborn dog. Here are our tips for home training:

Eliminate All Games that Encourage Aggressive Behavior

Some games encourage the dominant behavior in your dog, such as Tug-o-War, which pits a dominant dog’s strength against your own. This should be discouraged, especially if you frequently allow him to win.

Our dog trainer in Fort Worth will encourage you to use simple non-adversarial games with your dog, such as fetch, where you teach him how to work, play, and have fun with you, not against you.

If you still want to play an aggressive game with your dog, you should follow the following steps;

  • Be the one to initiate the game.
  • Ensure your dog understands the game by responding to simple commands such as sit, look, down, etc.
  • Always use an appropriate and intermediate object when playing tug of war, such as a tug toy.
  • Never use your hands to play rough with your puppy.
  • If he accidentally misses the toy and nips at your hand, say a firm ouch! And immediately end the game.
  • Teach him verbal commands and hand signals to understand when a game stops instantly, and only consider playing a tug-o-war game if you can control the game at any time.
  • Make sure to “win” the game and end up with the toy most of the time.


Start Your Puppy Training in Fort Worth Early Enough

Start functional DFW dog training for obedience earlier if you notice that your dog has dominant tendencies. Ideally, you can start when he is 10-14 weeks old. This is before the bad habits take hold of him.
Functional commands such as Down-Stay, Sit-Stay, Heel, Stand-Stay, Let’s go, Come, Wait, etc., should be learned early on.

One important thing to teach a dominant puppy is Down-Stay. In most cases, Brian always encourages dog users to use the Down command to lure their dogs into a reward system. This will help establish yourself as his leader.

When you are sure that he understands the command well and refuses to comply when you instruct him, you should learn to place him in a down position gently. However, this is difficult training and requires you to use a trainer or behaviorist who knows what they are doing.

It is advisable to use positive and motivational methods when training in Fort Worth to deal with your dog and be as gentle as possible when teaching him. This is the ingredient to develop a good relationship with your puppy.

Keep Him off Your Furniture

Dogs are highly territorial, and if yours is difficult to handle, you must make it clear during behavioral training for puppies that the furniture belongs to you and not him. This means that he is not allowed on it. This is also true when it comes to your bed.

Your dog should understand that it is a privilege and not a right whenever he is allowed on the sofa or bed.

As dog owners, we understand this could be a grey area, mainly if you are used to being extra cozy with your furry friend. But, if he has been exhibiting dominance or stubbornness, refusing to take action early enough will only make things worse for you.

Try as much as you can to keep him off his favorite spots, such as your bed and the sofa, as within no time, these will belong to him, and you shall have a problem on your hands.

Ensure He is Outdoors Plenty of Time

A dog that has gone through our dog trainer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a much happier, healthier, and even better-behaved dog. Lack of stimulation and an active physical regimen will cause your dog to become hyperactive, complex, and destructive.

Dogs in the city and suburban areas often receive insufficient energy outlets. They usually need constant attention, which can result in them misbehaving. Allow your dog to also rough it and tumble with other dogs so he can keep his aggression on the down low and far away from you.

Control Feeding Times

While your dog is going through dog training in Fort Worth, it’s essential to be strong through it. Dominant dogs will always want to be fed first. You must learn how to control this.

Before giving him his food, leash him and tell him to sit so you can fill his bowl with food. Place the bowl in front of him and have him wait for 10-30 seconds before you release him to feed. If you both eat simultaneously, you should try to eat first before feeding him.

Well, all this sounds pretty mean, and most dog owners are not willing to punish their puppies this way, but think of it like this; some patience and discipline will cause him to be a lot less controlling and dominant or stubborn towards you. Give it your best and try to train him to come second.

This will also strengthen his Sit-Stay and reinforce your position as his leader.

If your dog is still dominant towards you after trying this, do not offer him any tidbits or treats throughout the day. Only offer him a treat if Brian recommends it.


Google Reviews

“I definitely recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer. He is very patient with you (because he basically has to train the owner to train the dog), and the hands-on experience has been very effective. While online training is helpful, it doesn’t show you what you’re doing wrong. Brian is kind and consistent – and he gets results. I noticed a drastic improvement in my pup Hazel’s behavior – immediately!

Angela Pearcy

“I have a sweet but stubborn little Frenchie. Brian corrected his pulling on his leash in the very first visit. He really knows what he is doing and has provided me with valuable tools for success.”

Nancy Harvey

“10000% recommend Brian!!! I saw a huge difference in my dog’s leash walking within one lesson. I also had Brian take my puppy for a two week board & train. His costs are more reasonable than several other trainers I looked into. (like half the cost!) He also doesn’t use treats or an e-collar, so I feel like his training methods translate to real life a bit better.”

Jeannette Ciancio

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With K9 Connection, you work with Ft Worth’s Top Dog trainer, Brian. He knows dogs; he understands how to get them into obedience. You can trust him. 

Your dog knows your weak points and will most definitely try to manipulate you and use that against you. Stand firm and stick to the training plan as laid out for you by our trainer.

A well-behaved dog makes for a happy dog owner. Make an appointment with us today.