If you’ve just brought home your new puppy, congratulations! You are in for an exciting adventure. But you’ll want to develop a training schedule to get them settled in and ready for all that comes next.

Keep reading to learn our secrets on successful puppy training schedules! Don’t stress, though; it’s easier than it sounds – that’s where K9 Connection comes in! We have put together a handy guide of what age-appropriate behaviors and skills puppies should be mastered at each stage of their lives. This is vital as it helps them grow into happy and well-adjusted dogs.

At K9 Connection, we do puppy training in Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas, and we understand the excitement of bringing a new puppy home. Not only are you welcoming a furry friend into your family, but you’re preparing for years of adventures, companionship, and love.

But before all that, starting your pup off on the right foot is essential by providing dog obedience training early in Dallas, TX. Knowing the right age to begin training your puppy is critical for their long-term success.


When Should You Start Training Your Puppy?

Generally, dog trainers in Dallas suggest introducing basic training for most puppies at 8-12 weeks.

This is because, at this age, puppies can best learn and retain information positively (think treats!). From 8–12 weeks old, your pup should get their shots completed and be free from any contagious illnesses.

Although pups don’t fully develop until they’re six months or older, starting training early can help set realistic behaviors and expectations for them later on down the road.


What Can You Teach Your Puppy?

Doggy trainers in Dallas say that when it comes to puppyhood training basics, there are four main components:

  1. Potty/housebreaking
  2. Crate/kennel training
  3. Food manners
  4. Socialization.

Housebreaking is probably one of the most important things you can do during this period as it removes any bad habits they may form if left unattended—and it will save your furniture!

Crate or kennel training teaches puppies that their crate is a safe space to retreat when overwhelmed or scared.

Food manners train them not to snatch food away from others or beg constantly at the dinner table (or countertops).

Lastly, socialization helps teach puppies how to interact with other dogs and people appropriately so they won’t exhibit aggressive or fearful behaviors in different situations when they grow up.


How Can You Keep Your Pup On Track? 

For your pup to learn correctly and stay on track with their learning process, it’s important to provide consistency in both commands and rewards.

For example, during puppy training in Fort Worth, it is recommended that; when you say ‘sit’ and your puppy sits correctly, reward them each time —they’ll begin understanding that when they hear ‘sit’ and sit correctly = treat!

It’s also essential during puppy training to give plenty of praise whenever possible so they know when they’ve done something good; positive reinforcement goes a long way when helping build trust between you two!

Additionally, start small with goals (i.e., 5 minutes per day) rather than expecting too much out of them —this gives them more opportunity to explore and have new experiences without getting overwhelmed by enormous expectations immediately!


At K9 Connection, We can Help!

You don’t have to struggle with puppy training in Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas. Simply call, and we shall help house-break your new puppy.

We always recommend starting around 8–12 weeks old, as this allows just enough development time while still giving them room to explore and have new experiences without getting overwhelmed beforehand.

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At K9 Connection, we understand how important it is for you to feel confident when embarking on a new journey into responsible pet ownership – which is why we strive to provide exemplary service and training.

We have all the tools necessary for success! From our expert dog trainer, with many years of experience, plus our comprehensive list of resources, we guarantee that here at K9 Connection, we will exceed all expectations when it comes to providing quality dog training services!

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