Treats are an effective way of rewarding your pets after displaying a measure of obedience; everyone loves a reward, including dogs. However, using treats for dog training in Fort Worth becomes a challenge when your dogs only listen to you in the presence of a snack or a piece of meat. Experiencing such situations doesn’t mean you have to give up being a pet owner; it only means you have to secure other training alternatives with little or no reliance on treats. Employing the services of experienced dog trainers will help. But before then, here is a list of alternative procedures and tips to adopt for humane dog training without treats.

    Recognize the essence and effect of treats

Just like incentives make humans work more or perform better, treats also have a similar effect on dogs, especially in their early stage; it forces them to listen more and do things just the way their owners want. Hence, professional dog trainers will recommend you to start your obedience training with treats; then, as your dog grows up, the snacks can be reduced and replaced with life rewards.

    Reduce treats

As your dog is advancing in age, the training sessions should be concluded with fewer treats. You wouldn’t want your dogs to make it a habit of expecting treats whenever they are obedient to you. K9 training can guide you in your journey of warning your dogs off treats.

    Enforce a by chance-treat system

You can periodically reward your dogs with treats like snacks, especially when they least expect it. However, for situations where you do not satisfy your dog’s good behavior with a treat, you should consider showering them with heavy praises in a calm, happy, and friendly tone. By being gentle towards your pets, you form a close bond with them and give them the best humane dog training.

    Use life rewards

In place of treats, you can adopt the use of life rewards. Life rewards are non-food items that your dogs find satisfactory. It is a meaningful way to cut out the use of treats for your dogs. You can use real-life rewards such as attention, touch, movement, etc.

    Seek professional help

In addition to training your dogs yourself, you should employ the services of experienced dog trainers and allow them to expose your dogs to real training like the K9 training. Dog trainers assist with obedience training and behavioral correction.


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